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6 Steps To A Tailor-Made Suit in Ottawa

Every man needs at least one elegant, high-quality suit. Whether it's for business attire or a special occasion, we all need one suit that sets itself apart from the rest. The funny thing, however, is that most guys who shop for that quality suit will usually rush to high-end boutiques and purchase the suit for its brand name rather than its quality.

Don't get us wrong; we love Boss, Cerrutti and Zegna, but you can buy a tailor-made suit in Ottawa that really fits, for the same price or less. If you're worried about not being trendy enough, just cut out a magazine picture and let the tailor duplicate the style you're looking for.

Follow these 6 easy steps to get your hands on the finest tailor-made suit.

Step 1: Find a reputable tailor
Good tailors are usually found in major department stores or in the high-end shopping districts. Friends, family and influential colleagues might also refer you to a trustworthy tailor. Ask around and inquire about references.

Step 2: Choose your fabric
Once you've chosen a highly regarded tailor, the next step is to settle on a suitable fabric. The suit's fabric will make the difference between a $1,500 suit and a $6,000 one. That's why many popular designers use fabrics with a grade of 100s or 110s (quality of fabric) to cut costs and increase markups.

Because you're not paying for the brand name, you can opt for higher quality grades and still pay the same price or cheaper. Anything above a grade of 110s is guaranteed to make a respectable-looking and durable suit. As you may have guessed, higher grade equals better quality and an elevated price.

Grades range from low 80s to high-end super 180s. At the price you'll pay for the super 180s, you're better off just putting a down payment on a brand new BMW.

Step 3: Measure for fitting
At this stage, your tailor will take all the required measurements to make your suit fit like a glove. It's important to maintain open communication at all stages of your suit's fabrication. Chances are your tailor has made thousands of suits and he knows what he's doing; nevertheless, ask questions and provide feedback.

Tell him how you'd like your suit to fall on your shoulders, waist and shoes. That's the beauty of a tailor-made suit: You won't need to have it altered several times before it fits perfectly. We all know how frustrating it is to have a piece of clothing that falls awkwardly, especially when it costs you an arm and a leg.

Customization is especially attractive to those with distinctive body types. Tall men won't have any problems with short sleeves or pants that don't fit. Chubby men, on the other hand, can have suits made to make them look thinner and more attractive. All these little perks definitely override buying a popular brand name.

Step 4: Determine the style
Two-button or three-button? Double-breasted or single? It all depends on the current styles at the time of your purchase. If you are more conservative and don't follow fashion trends, opt for a classic suit. You can discuss your options with your tailor, as he has probably seen every suit style and knows every trick in the book.

If you're looking for something a little trendier, look through fashion magazines and see what designers recognize as being trendy and stylish. Just bring the magazine to your tailor and he'll be able to tell you what type of fabric you'll have to purchase for him to reproduce the suit. A tailor can also tell you what best complements your body type to make you look better.

Step 5: Personalize it
The beauty of a tailored suit is that you can add personal touches to make your suit look genuine and unique. Whether it's specific types of buttons or pockets just ask and you shall receive. These simple touches will impress your colleagues and really make your suit stand out from the rest.

Step 6: Final fitting
At this stage, you'll have to look over every detail. Don't hesitate to ask for a little adjustment because you're paying for the suit, and you should make sure that everything fits to your liking.

The tailor will ask you to try on the suit, while he personally checks every angle to make sure your suit is perfect. Unfortunately, at this stage, it's also time to pay the bill. We suggest that you pay with cold hard cash because we all know that cash is king and the price might become somewhat more, let's just say, interesting.

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